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Luhansk oblast: rescuers took part in strategic planning and development of the national program on mine action in Ukraine

Published: 04.03.2021, 13:28

The OSCE Project Coordinator in Ukraine, together with donor countries, is working to strengthen the capacity for humanitarian demining of areas contaminated with explosives in the framework of the Project “Mine Development Capacity of Ukraine”. The Ministry of Defense of Ukraine, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine and the Ministry of Reintegration of the Temporarily Occupied Territories of Ukraine are the beneficiaries of this Project.

On March 3, a regional round table was held in Severodonetsk City, which was attended by the Head of Luhansk Regional State Administration, as well as representatives of the SES of Ukraine and Luhansk oblast. The meeting provided an opportunity for project partners, operators, local authorities and other stakeholders to discuss the development of a national strategic mine action plan in Ukraine, its development process, components, methodology, guidelines and best international practices. Also, participants had the opportunity to discuss sustainable development goals and their relationship to mine action.

After discussing the urgent issues, the participants of the round table went to the Emergency Rescue Unit of Special Appointment of the Main Department of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine in Luhansk oblast, where a demonstration of vehicles and equipment of pyrotechnics of Luhansk region took place. And on March 4, a working meeting was held on the organization and holding of the International Day of Mine Risk Education, which will take place on April 4.



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