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Rescuers carring out preventive measures among the younger generation

Published: 07.02.2021, 08:00

Taking care of children's safety, teaching them to behave properly in extreme situations is an urgent task for all adults, because children are the future of the nation. It is very unfortunate that the irresponsibility and inadequate attention of parents to teaching their children the rules of safe living lead to unfortunate consequences.

For example, on February 3, in the city of Zaporizhia, the SES specialist together with the city emergency rescue service "Cobra" rescued a 12-year-old girl who chose a stone quarry for a walk. Once at a height of 50 meters, the child realized that due to the looseness of the soil will not be able to go down on their own. Fortunately, the girl's friends, who were watching her friend, reported the incident to the Rescue Service.

Rescuers make every effort to prevent emergencies involving the younger generation: carry out active outreach, in particular in educational institutions; conduct tactical and special exercises on the territory of educational institutions to bring to the participants of the educational process the algorithm of actions in case of an emergency; arrange preventive conversations with parents.

Thus, firefighters from Dnipro visited the local secondary school № 2, where they told the students about the profession of rescuer. Children and teachers were also reminded of fire safety rules, told the sequence of actions during the evacuation, demonstrated how to use a fire extinguisher. Rescuers stressed that the knowledge and ability to properly use the primary means of extinguishing in the event of an emergency, will help save not only property but also health and even life.

At the same time, in the Luhansk region, SES fighters recently conducted a survey of the fire safety of educational institutions, namely: Stanychno-Luhansk Secondary School №1, Velykochernihiv Preschool Educational Institution "Dzvinochok", Kreminna Regional Special School. Emergency workers instructed educators on fire safety, taught them how to use primary fire extinguishers and practiced safe evacuation actions.

And in Chernihiv on February 4 rescuers together with militiamen and medical workers carried out tactical and special exercises in the territory of the Chernihiv lyceum. According to the tactical plan, a fire broke out in one of the rooms of the four-storey building of the dormitory. Fire and rescue units arrived at the scene. The administration of the facility evacuated the inmates of the institution and staff. During reconnaissance in the room firefighters found the victim. With the help of improvised means he was transported to the ambulance. In addition, the door of one of the evacuation exits was locked from the outside with a padlock. With the help of a special tool, the SES cut the door elements and installed a smoke extractor. Another victim was found on the stairwell, who was also handed over to medics. Upon completion of tactical and special exercises, the inmates and staff of the institution had the opportunity to get acquainted with the equipment and equipment of rescuers.

Dear citizens! In order to prevent the dangerous events with children teach them from childhood the rules of safety.

Consider the following recommendations:

remember that the best way to teach children is to set a positive example;

establish a trusting relationship with your child so that they can tell you about their intentions and listen to your recommendations and warnings;

explain to children what flammable, prickly, cutting, explosive and firearms are, what danger they pose;

tell the child about possible "street" threats and dangers, warn him against visiting potentially dangerous places (reservoirs, quarries, near the railway, etc.);

explain to the child about the dangers of using pyrotechnics;

outline the child's circle of people to whom he or she can turn for help if necessary;

Do not leave young children alone at home.

Remember that knowledge of fire safety rules and compliance with the fire regime both at home and in educational institutions, is the key to safe living for children!


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