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Rescue Specialists urge citizens not to put their lives at risk, going on thin ice!

Published: 07.02.2021, 09:00

Since the beginning of 2021 on water Ukraine killed at least 60 people. Rescuers are working daily warning of emergencies related deaths in reservoirs, conducting preventive work with the population, teach citizens algorithm of actions in case of falling under the ice. At the same time, for those who ignore the warnings of emergency workers, going out on the ice can turn into a tragedy!

In order to inform citizens about the danger that may lurk in a delicate crisis, SES officers are carrying out preventive work near water bodies.

So, in Donetsk oblast on February 5, rescuers from Kurakhove held an explanatory talk with vacationers at waterobjects. Rescue specialists talked to the fishermen and reminded them of the basic safety rules that will help prevent tragedy. Representatives of the State Emergency Service urged citizens not to endanger their own lives and not to go out on the ice in changeable weather. Rescuers distributed thematic leaflets to citizens with recommendations that will help save lives and health.

At the same time, in Volyn Oblast, employees of the diving and rescue department of the village of Shatsk carried out preventive and explanatory work with citizens on Lake Svityaz in the Shatsk district. SES officers reminded winter fishing enthusiasts that ice can be extremely dangerous due to temperature changes, so you should be careful to always have a stick or rope with you when going out on the ice, not to punch many holes and not to gather in groups in one place. Rescuers handed the fishermen information leaflets with safety rules on the ice and the algorithm of actions to rescue a person who fell under the ice.

And in the city of Kovel, which is also in Volyn, emergency workers conducted training to rescue people from the icy water at the city reservoir. Rescue divers demonstrated various ways to rescue people from the ice, and showed how to provide medical assistance to victims. In addition, the specialists of the State Emergency Service warned the citizens present on the shore about the danger of thin ice and reminded them of the rules of safe stay on the winter reservoir. People were urged not to risk their lives and to give up resting on a frozen pond, especially in changeable weather.

Dear citizens, specialists of the Rescue Service remind:

• you can go out on the ice only in stable frosty weather;

• it is forbidden to go out on ice, the thickness and strength of which are unknown to you;

• reservoirs must be crossed in specially marked and equipped places;

• it is forbidden to go down on skis from a steep bank on ice which has not been tested on durability and thickness;

• it is forbidden to gather in large groups in one place during the crisis;

• do not go out on the ice: at the confluence of rivers; in the case of rapid river flow in this place; in the presence of boards, sticks and other objects frozen in ice; in the case of different colors of ice; during a strong difference in temperature and warming;

• do not drink alcohol near water;

• Take care of children's leisure time and explain to them the dangers of thin ice.

If you are in emergency, or you have witnessed one - do not hesitate to call the Rescue Service at 101

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