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Experts of the Rescue Service urge citizens not to go out on the ice of the reservoirs due to the lack of stable frosty weather!

Published: 11.01.2021, 11:35

In order to prevent emergencies related to the death of people on water bodies, rescuers are carrying out preventive work near winter reservoirs. Experts from the Rescue Service emphasize that going out on the ice is dangerous now: the ice has not gained the required thickness, and unstable weather poses a direct threat to the life and health of people who go out on the ice.

Thus, since the beginning of the new 2021, at least 10 people have died in the country's reservoirs.

So, in the Luhansk oblast, in order to prevent emergencies, Severodonetsk rescuers recently raided the shores of Lakes Parkove and Chiste. During the event, emergency workers reminded citizens of the dangers of thin ice, told in detail how to determine its strength, and what to do if you still find yourself in a difficult situation. SES members once again warned citizens that reckless access to fragile ice could end in irreparable tragedy.

At the same time, in the Poltava region, SES specialists carried out informational and preventive work in the cities of Horishni Plavni and Poltava, where they told the population about the dangers of being on the ice, explained the rules of rescuing a person who fell under the ice, and presented thematic memos.

In the Khmelnytsky region, in order to prevent accidents during the crisis, rescuers from Novoushitsa carried out preventive and explanatory work near the local reservoir. Specialists of the Rescue Service said that you should not go on the ice alone and at night. It is also strictly forbidden to drink alcohol during a crisis. To get acquainted, the rescuers handed out informational and educational leaflets indicating the rules of safe behavior to everyone with whom they had the opportunity to communicate.

Dear citizens! If you have an emergency, or you have witnessed such - do not hesitate to call the Rescue Service at 101!

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