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Since the beginning of 2020, pyrotechnics of the SES of Ukraine have seized and disposed more than 27 thousand explosive devices

Published: 16.06.2020, 16:24

Pyrotechnic units of the SES of Ukraine conduct daily surveys of the territory of the country, detection, seizure and disposing explosive devices, both from the times of past wars and modern ammunition. Thus, since the beginning of 2020, as of June 16, the pyrotechnics of the SES have already destroyed 27,047 explosive devices, including 391 air bombs.

Only over the past 24 hours there were seized and disposed 325 explosive devices.

In particular, on June 15, deminers of the group of pyrotechnic works of the Department of SES in Zhytomyr Oblast disposed 10 explosive devices times of the World wars times, which was found in the territory of Malyn district. The first call to the Rescue Service "101" came from the village Granitne. Near the village, not far from the railway track, a woman saw a suspicious metal object in the grass. SES specialists who arrived at the scene identified the find as a 82 mm mortar mine from the past wars. Another message was recorded near the village of Vorsivka (country cooperative "Bukach"). Summer residents passing through the woods noticed ammunition scattered near the bushes. These were nine 76 mm artillery shells from the past wars. Probably they were dug up by local "hunters" for metal, who, realizing that it was ammunition, left them at the scene.

On June 14, specialists of the pyrotechnic work group of the State Emergency Service of Dnipropetrovsk Oblast were also involved in the work on disposal ofexplosives. In particular, at 09:00 the Rescue Service "101" received a message that in the town of Apostolovo on Peremogy Street, on the territory of a private household, the owner found an explosive object AC-176 mm in the amount of 1 unit. At 10:55 a.m., the Rescue Service received a report that an obsolete MM-82mm mortar mine had been found in the open area on Zbagachuvalna Street in the Ingulets district of the Kryvyi Rih city. Also, works on destruction of obsolete explosive works were involved in the city of Pavlograd.

During the week, 16 artillery shells, 140 mortar mines, 14 explosives and a World War II F-1 grenade were destroyed by pyrotechnic units of the Interregional Rapid Response Center of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine (Romny). These munitions were found in Romensky, Trostyanetsky, Lebedynsky, Okhtyrsky districts and Sumy city.

In addition, humanitarian demining of the liberated territories of Donetsk and Luhansk regions is ongoing.

In particular, during June 15 in Donetsk region pyrotechnic units of the SES of Ukraine inspected 1.75 hectares of land, where 17 units of explosive devices were detected and seized.

In the territory of Luhansk region there were examined 1.81 hectares of land, 27 explosive devices: 18 artillery shells and 9 mortar mines were found, seized and subsequently disposed.

Therefore, in order to prevent accidents among the population in case of detection of explosives, the State Emergency Service of Ukraine once again appeals to citizens to follow the rules of safe handling of explosives or unknown objects!

It is strictly forbidden:

touch or move a suspicious object;

fill it with liquids and soil or cover it with something;

exert sound, light, heat or mechanical influence on a suspicious object;

try to dispose the finding by yourself;

disassemble an explosive object.

Remember that in case of detection of explosive objects, you must immediately report about it by the phones "101" or "102", and in any case do not try to identify and dispose the found ammunition.

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