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20 January12:19 During the recent week the units from the SES of Ukraine rescued 48 persons and extinguished 1016 fires

During the recent week (January 11 – 17) the units of the State Emergency Service of Ukraine performed interventions to prevent emergencies, ensured rapid response to accidents and consequence relief, fire-fighting, and other rescue activities.

20 January12:16 Violation of fire safety rules in the residential sector leads to deaths and injuries!

The daily work of rescuers is primarily aimed at preventing the occurrence of various emergencies, in particular, by conducting outreach work among the population. Nevertheless, citizens are not always responsible for their own safety and the well-being of their families, which can have tragic consequences. Violation of fire safety rules, non-compliance with recommendations for proper operation of heating and furnace heating appliances, malfunction of electrical and gas equipment - the root causes of deaths in fires in the private sector.

20 January12:13 Since the beginning of complicated weather conditions, the rescuers have been providing assistance to the citizens who have become hostages of the weather

Due to forecasted complication of weather conditions, the number of emergencies typical for this period has increased in some oblasts of Ukraine. So, from the beginning of bad weather the rescuers began to rescue vehicles from ditches and snow-covered sections of the roads.

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