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"The air force system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs will be the third largest in Europe," - Arsen Avakov

Published: 11.12.2018, 09:48

The first two helicopters will arrive in Ukraine on December 19, 2018, and the entire system will be fully staffed until 2021.

Minister of Internal Affairs of Ukraine Arsen Avakov stressed that Ukraine will be the third largest helicopter park in Europe, after Germany and France. He said this today, December 10, during a working visit to Munich, Germany.

"We are creating a unified aviation system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs. Under the contract with the French government will be purchased 55 helicopters Airbus. The first two helicopters will arrive in Ukraine on December 19, 2018, and the entire system will be fully staffed until 2021. All helicopters gather in France and Germany, "said Arsen Avakov.

According to Arsen Avakov, the feature of the Ministry of Internal Affairs's aviation is that a hybrid system based on the experience of the French, German and American aircraft systems will be built. "Helicopters will be at the SESU, border guards, police and the National Guard.They will fulfill their core tasks - firefighting, border control, search for criminals and missing persons. But, in the event of an emergency, such as fires, they will work together, "Arsen Avakov said.
The head of the Ministry of Internal Affairs said that now all over the country are building points of departure, hangars and all necessary infrastructure, and Kremenchug will prepare pilots for the aviation security system of the Ministry of Internal Affairs.

"The Mi-8 helicopters we have and the third largest helicopter in Europe, after the Germans and the French, will be added to the system being created. Thus, we are equal in number with European colleagues in quality, "said Arsen Avakov.


Bavarian Helicopter Squadron belongs to the Bavarian Police. Personnel of 100 people, airplane - 8 helicopters Airbus. More than 3 thousand flights a year are carried out. In 2017, there were about 800 rescue operations, about 500 searches for criminals. The equipment of the helicopters is prepared individually for each flight. Helicopters are also involved in the elimination of fires, work in mountain areas, rescue missions on water and ice. There is equipment for data transmission during mass actions and large-scale accidents.



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